Our Future

The future of St Saviour’s and St Nicholas is both certain and unknown. As those who trust in a resurrected Lord we know that God will bring all things in this world under the authority of Jesus. We who are his people are seeking to live under his rule, confident in the truth that we stand forgiven by God and therefore free to love as he has loved us.

This freedom that he has given us by his grace means that we are liberated to love and serve him in every aspect of our lives. It also means that as a church we will try different ways of sharing the love and the truth of Jesus death and resurrection with those around us. We will seek to reach out into new communities, to start new services at different times and locations, to engage with people using whatever means we can, that all might hear and respond to the good news of Jesus. The future at St Saviour’s and St Nicholas is exciting – we’d love for you to come and share in it with us.